A Triumph Six Months in the Making

In the world of logistics and transportation, obtaining an operator’s license is a requirement for anyone working for hire or reward. It’s a testament to a company’s commitment to safety, compliance, and reliability. Shropshire International, a name that’s been steadily gaining recognition in the industry, recently achieved this remarkable feat. After a long and rigorous journey, they were granted their operator’s license on the 15th of September 2023.

The Road to Compliance

For any transportation company, securing an operator’s license is a complex and time-consuming process. Shropshire International knew this all too well when they embarked on their journey to change entities six months ago. The first step was gathering all the necessary documentation for the licensing process, safety inspection contracts, transport manager and financial stability requirements.

Shropshire International assigned transport manager and director Sam Jones to oversee the application process. He meticulously compiled all the required paperwork, ensuring every detail was accurate and complete. This included proof of financial stability, evidence of vehicle maintenance, and a comprehensive safety plan that left no room for errors.

However, not all applications go as smoothly as hoped and this would be the case for Shropshire International. They were summoned on the 26th of June 2023 for a public inquiry where the traffic commissioner wanted to ensure compliance could be met by Shropshire International.

The Public Inquiry (PI)

An unfortunate milestone in the journey towards obtaining an operator’s license is the Public Inquiry (PI) with the traffic commissioner. The PI is a rigorous assessment that evaluates a company’s commitment to safety, compliance, and professionalism. On the 14th of September 2023, Shropshire International faced this critical juncture in their licensing journey.

Weeks of preparation paid off as Shropshire International’s director’s Harold Jones and Sam Jones nervously entered the PI room. They were well-prepared to address any questions regarding their safety protocols, vehicle maintenance procedures, and financial stability. The traffic commissioner was impressed by the company’s dedication to creating a culture of safety and compliance as well as the amount of preparation that went into the PI.

Success on the 14th of September

The 14th of September 2023 marked a historic day for Shropshire International. After months of hard work, meticulous preparation, and demonstrating their commitment to the highest standards of safety and compliance, they were granted their operator’s license. This achievement is a testament to the company’s unwavering dedication and professionalism.

Shropshire International celebrated this milestone not as an end but as a new beginning. With their operator’s license in hand, they are now poised to expand their operations, reach new heights, and provide even better service to their clients.

Conclusion of the 14th of September

The day after the PI, Shropshire International received the official outcome letter from the traffic commissioner’s office. The decision read as follows.

  1. “Application granted subject to finance undertaking that was offered and accepted that “Original (or authenticated copies) bank statements in the name of the company for the complete months of September, October and November 2023 will be received at the Office of the Traffic Commissioner in Birmingham no later than 1600 hours on 22 December 2023 and which must show an average balance of £12,500.”
  2. “I was able to grant this application as a result of a very clear, cogent and very persuasive bundle of documents that had been submitted before the Public Inquiry and from my interaction with Mr S and Mr H Jones in the hearing. I was particularly impressed by the professional way Mr S Jones had put together that bundle and for him undertaking a Transport Manager CPC two day refresher training course when he had only passed the Transport Manager qualification so recently.”


Shropshire International’s journey to securing their operator’s license is a testament to the company’s unwavering commitment to safety, compliance, and professionalism. After six months of hard work and a successful Public Inquiry on the 14th of September 2023, they have taken a significant step forward in their quest for excellence in the logistics and transportation industry. This achievement not only opens doors for new opportunities but also sets a benchmark for others to follow. Shropshire International’s success story serves as a reminder that with dedication and perseverance, any goal can be attained in the world of transportation and logistics.

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  1. How fantastic,what a shed load of hard work. But to be honest, you have never been afraid of hard work H and it looks like Sam is following in your footsteps. I am really proud of you all. Look forward to hearing your adventures on your blog.
    Congratulations and God Bless Beverley xx

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